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The Pale Beyond: Collector's Edition

The Pale Beyond: Collector's Edition

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We set out on a mission: To make something physical that showcases your love for the game - and this is our answer. The Pale Beyond Collector’s Edition: a miniature supply crate full of things you can use to remember the good times, the bad times, and everything about The Pale Beyond. Stickers to add character to your stuff, Saltborn and Landborn pins to rep your origins, a Stanberry keychain to pet gently, art prints to display, a journal to log your daily Captainly duties in, and the star of the show: A standee of the Temperance and her crew - because we all know the ship really was the main character.

We couldn’t have made this without you - so thank you.

Note: Does not include the game. The Pale Beyond can be purchased separately on Steam.

Product Details:

  • Custom printed display box.
  • Acrylic Temperance & crew standee (90mm)
  • Wooden Stanberry keychain (50mm)
  • Two wooden pins: Saltborn & Landborn (40mm)
  • Stickersheet
  • 3 double-sided A5 art prints
  • A6 Captain’s Journal (36 pages, dotted paper)

All purchases include free download of wallpaper pack.

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