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Bellular Studios

The Pale Beyond: Vinyl & Digital Deluxe Edition OST

The Pale Beyond: Vinyl & Digital Deluxe Edition OST

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  • This is a pre-order! Expected to ship in December 2023
  • Pre-order includes immediate access to our digital deluxe soundtrack, featuring 51 tracks in both MP3 & WAV format.

Out on the ice, the crew only had the howls of wind and cracks of ice to listen to. And, maybe, an accordion. You, though, can have much better: The Pale Beyond soundtrack! Two vinyls, two sides each, for a total of 13 tracks hand-picked by the team, representing the best the soundtrack has to offer and a trip through the memories of your harrowing journey.

Also comes with a DRM-free download of our Digital Deluxe soundtrack for you to enjoy right away - all 51 tracks of it! This vinyl even doubles as a beautiful display piece, thanks to the gorgeous custom cover our art team put together - a classy, almost ethereal vibe for your shelf or wall.

Vinyl Tracklist:

Side A

  1. Overture
  2. Salt
  3. No Two Cracks The Same
  4. Colony
  5. All At Once

Side B

  1. Midnight Sun
  2. Reflect

Side C

  1. He’s Gone
  2. Rogue Wave
  3. Choices
  4. Mourning

Side D

  1. What You Found
  2. Rescue
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